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'Night Shift' - Warning: Content of Sexual Harassment

My entry to The Observer//Jonathan Cape//Comica Short Story Prize 2014.

Ink, Graphite, Photoshop CC

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

River and plant shadows.

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

Some more doodles from my journal. 2/2

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

Some doodles from my journal. 1/2

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

I haven’t posted for 3 months because I’ve been doing conservation work in the Peruvian Cloud Forest, and it was the best thing.

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

More (final, but colours will vary) band t-shirt designs for Oh Village.

Their new EP, To Rely, is getting released later this month - on the 24th of June to be exact - so keep a look out! And also for their mighty fine t-shirts(!).

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

Some work for Oh Village from Abbotsford, BC (all the way in Canada oooooh)
You guys will like them, go check ‘em out

-more to follow-
© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

Some sketchbook work for ‘The Jungle Books’ by Rudyard Kipling.

© Mhairi Braden 2014 | mhillustrator 

Anonymous said: Have you got any tips for someone looking to apply to ECA?

I don’t really know what stage you’re at right now, so I’m going to answer as if I’m talking to someone who’s in the same position as my 16/17 year old past self who was being forced to make decisions about what to do with her life far too early and didn’t know the first thing about anything. 

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Peony Gent, my blurry self and Drew Walker at Glasgow Zine Fest last Saturday in Old Hairdressers. 

Everyone was so friendly, not to mention incredibly talented - absolutely would do it again!

(because I didn’t think to bring a camera, photos are by the wonderful and very tall Valppa)